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Google Maps Platform is a set of application programming interfaces (API) and software development kits (SDK) that are managed from the Google Cloud Platform console.

As an option on the base website, when Google Maps is integrated with the platform a map will display the account’s location to Workers.  The Google Maps API is a requirement when the Store Locator module is installed.

Step-by-Step Process:

Integrating  the Google Maps Platform into the website requires the site owner to:

  1. Create a Google billing account
    • Volume-based fees are associated with the Google Maps API.  An authorized representative for the website owner must create a Google billing account if one does not exist.

The website owner is responsible for reviewing the current fees published by Google on the Google’s financial terms site when committing to the service. Google will invoice the company directly (not through CIMcloud).

  1. Create a project
    • The user is must be an administrator for the Google billing account; otherwise, the process will be blocked with an error message when the Next link is selected.
  2. Follow Google’s steps to Configure the Maps Platform, as shown below.

  1. Enable one or more APIs or SDKs
  2. Get, add, and restrict an API key
  1. Record your API key (as shown below) and enter it on the platform using the General Settings link in the System Wide Settings menu of the Settings Workspace.

The above steps are performed using Google’s Quickstart or by following instructions in the Get Started Videos and Get Started Procedures for the Google Cloud Platform console.  Additional details are found on the Google support site at


When successfully completed, Workers will see customer account locations displayed when logged in impersonating a Contact on the account.  When store locator is installed, a website customer will see a map showing the nearest dealer.

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