Option To Show / Hide Inventory Levels


For CIMcloud users that are leveraging the Product Inventory Tools bundle in addition to the Public Facing Product Catalog bundle, a secondary question is whether or not you want to show “anonymous” users your inventory levels. And similar to another feature within the Public Facing Product Catalog bundle (Option to Show / Hide Pricing), B2B organizations must align their online strategy around the answers to those questions.

For some businesses, this is a way to highlight your ability to procure items that the competition may not be able to, allowing you to win revenue you may not have captured. But for other businesses, showing items “out of stock” could limit your ability to fulfill orders in non-traditional manners (like drop-shipping) or push users to other competitors who do have the stock available.

As with many features within the CIMcloud application, this is designed to give your business flexibility in its online selling strategy.

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