Inventory Display Profiles


Inventory Display Profiles (IDP’s) allow you to create a “profile” of specific display settings that can then be assigned to individual products.  These settings include:

  • Inventory Status Override (ex: force “in stock” status)
  • “In Stock”, “Out of Stock”, and “On Purchase Order” Display Options
  • Show inventory message versus actual quantity available
  • Replace quantity available with message if quantity is within specified thresholds
  • Whether or not a customer can add the product to their cart

What a Customer Sees

Different inventory displays based on the profile set on the product.

Example A (actual quantity displayed):

Example B (quantity replaced with message):

What a CRM Worker Sees

Similar to what a customer sees, a CRM worker will see the same inventory display based on the profile set on the product.

What an Admin Worker Sees

An admin can create and manage Inventory Display Profiles in the Product Workspace:

When editing a profile:

On the product add-edit page, a product can be assigned to the inventory display profile:

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