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Optional Software Bundles Overview

This article covers the two types of optional software bundles offered by CIMcloud (Standard and Pro Services Assisted) and includes a list of all bundles (including links to more articles).


The CIMcloud base offering consist of a B2B eCommerce Portals for your customers and Worker Portal (with CRM, Product, Content, and Settings workspaces) for your employees, but for some CIMcloud clients the base functionality does not meet all business requirements.

To help cover additional requirements, CIMcloud offers nearly 30 optional bundles that covers a vast list of advanced features that can be added to your CIMcloud platform. The list below provides an overview the available bundles, with links to learn more about the feature set included with each one.

Two Types of Bundles

The CIMcloud optional software bundles are organized into two types, based on the complexity-level of the implementation work required (i.e. getting the bundle installed, configured, tested, and ready for live rollout).

  • Type #1: Standard Bundles – These are frequently used features that you can implement on your own.
  • Type #2: Pro Services Assisted Bundles – These are less commonly used and less mature features that require expert help (starting with a billable pro services allowance) to help you learn, plan, and support your self-service implementation work.

List of Available Bundles

Standard Bundles (Type #1)

Standard Bundles are frequently used, mature, and documented.  They have a reasonably clear path for CIMcloud to install and you to implement & take live on your own. Basically, a person with Lead Implementer skills, that has never configured / operated this CIMcloud bundle before, should be able to self-service implement the features in the bundle with just the help center articles and access to the Worker Portal.  These are the Standard Bundles:

Pro-Services Assisted (PSA) Bundles (Type #2)

Pro-Services Assisted (PSA) Bundles are 1) less frequently purchased (used by < 10% of CIMcloud clients), 2) have complex data setup, technical configuration, and ERP sync’d data requirements, and 3) may have limited help center documentation.  For these reasons, we require billable expert help to be purchased with each bundle.  The required services are detailed this article: Intro & Planning Services for a Pro-Services Assisted Software Bundle.  These are the PSA Bundles:

Helpful Articles (for More Info)

These articles can help provide more context as you are considering optional software bundles.

  • Software Bundle Upgrade Process – This article covers the process of adding new software bundles to your CIMcloud platform to safely get from placing the order to your live roll-out of the features.
  • Rolling Out Hidden (Turned Off) Software Features After Go Live – This article covers suggestions and best practices on the tactics you can use to implement, test, and roll-out (take live) hidden features when 1) you are already live on the CIMcloud platform (customers and/or workers are using it), and 2) you have non-live features that you want to start using.
  • CIMcloud Platform Overview – This article provides a complete overview of the CIMcloud platform to help provide context on how these optional software bundles fit into the overall offering.

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