Merchandising Tools (Bundle D)


The Merchandising Tools Bundle is designed to give CIMcloud users a deeper layer of eCommerce functionality, specifically related to identifying and purchasing products. While many of the features discussed below seem B2C-oriented, they can also be deployed to give B2B customers a better experience on the site.

Summary of Features

  • Abandoned Order / Cart Email
    • System email that is sent to specific customers to remind the user that a shopping cart was filled, or partially filled, but the order was never placed
  • Advanced Tabs & Tab Groups
    • Enables product information (on product detail pages) to be laid out in a tabular format. 
    • This removes the need for customers to scroll throughout the page to see different details
  • Coupon Manager
    • The coupon manager functionality allows you to provide coupon codes to customers for various parts of their order
  • Coupon Manager – Coupon Classes on Products
    • Allows for easier management of coupons that apply to product segments by providing workers the ability to specify product classes (groups) that can be applied to coupons to restrict usage. 
  • Coupon Manager – Upgrade to Advanced
    • Provides the ability to add per customer and per product filters to the coupons. The maximum number of coupons is also increased to 10,000.
  • Coupons into ERP
    • If coupons are being used the coupon amount applied to an order will be passed in using a miscellaneous item code in Sage. 
    • The line will be created as a negative qty 1 with the amount the coupon applies to the order so the order total is adjusted by the amount of the coupon.
  • Customer Reviews / Ratings System
    • As the name describes, this allows you to display customer reviews and ratings on product detail pages
  • Customers Who Bought This Also Bought This
    • This functionality promotes additional items (aside from the item they’re viewing) that were purchased in tandem with that item by other users
  • Product Marketing Icons (4) 
    • Overlay main product catalog images with marketing icons – which can be used to emphasize special attributes of a given product. If a product has a flag it will display on all product catalog pages, home page under featured products, and through the checkout process.

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