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The Coupon Manager features, including coupon classes and advanced features, enables you to create electronic coupons that can be added in the shopping cart by users.

  • Base Coupons: allows for percentage and fixed dollar amount discounts, which can be applied to the Order Total, Product Total, or Shipping Total.
  • Advanced Coupons: allows for all the base functionality mentioned above, but adds the ability to set up per customer and per product filets on coupons.
  • Coupon Classes: allows for you to create product groupings (or “classes”) that are affiliated with a specific coupon.

What a Customer Sees

On the payment page, customers will have the ability to apply a coupon to order.

When a user enters a coupon code, they will be notified if the coupon is valid and the amount discounted from the order based on coupon settings. Valid coupons will have the following display.

If a user completes an order, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer for the order. The contents of the order confirmation email will include details on the coupon.



What an Admin Worker Sees

If a coupon is applied to an order, a worker will see the coupon information when viewing an online order.


How it Works


  • Only 1 coupon can apply to an order
  • Settings on the coupons determine who and what products are eligible
  • If using CIMcloud Standard Connector coupon information will sync on orders


Enable Feature

A worker can complete the following steps to enable the coupon features.

  1. Navigate to “Settings Workspace” > “System-Wide Settings” > “Application settings”
  2. Click “Features” > “Quote / Ordering” and a list of application settings will display
  3. Scroll down to section “Merchandising Tools”
  4. On feature “Abandoned Order/Cart Email” toggle the default status to “ON”


Base Settings

Admin Workers have the ability to set up and manage coupons in the Settings Workspace > Merchandising > Coupons. This section will outline the base settings for a coupon.

  1. User Code
    1. Coupon code used by customer. This value must be unique.
  2. Discount Type
    1. Determines if the discount is a percentage or fixed dollar amount.
  3. Maximum Discount Amount
    1. Fixed dollar amount that is the max a coupon can discount.
  4. Discount Basis
    1. Determines how the discount amount is calculated.
      1. Possible Options: Product Total, Order Total, Shipping Total, Per Product


Coupon Classes

Adding a coupon class to a product

Each product can be assigned a Coupon Class on the product add-edit page. Running a ctrl+f for “Coupon Class” will bring up the Coupon Class input. The input on the product page is a text input, avoid using spaces for best results.

Assigning Coupon Classes to a Coupon

After the Coupon Class has been added to the product, the Class can be assigned to the coupon. The Discount Basis should be set to Per Product. The Manage Product List By should be set to Coupon / Product Classes. The modal will display a list of Coupon Classes that have been added to the products. Once configured, only the products in the assigned Coupon Class or Classes will be eligible for the coupon discount.

Test Coupon Classes

  • Add an item with an assigned coupon class to your cart
  • Navigate to the payment page
  • Apply the coupon that has that coupon class on it
    • A discount will apply to that item
  • Add an item to your cart that is not in the coupon class
    • The discount should remain the same when you add the coupon on the payment page, because it is only applying to the classes on the coupon.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings allow admin workers to specify what products and / or customers are eligible for a given coupon.

Restricting by Product

The following steps assume an admin worker is logged in and is view the coupon add/edit page.

  1. Under the calculation settings a drop-downUnder for “Discount Basis” will display
  2. Set “Discount Basis ” to “Per Product”
  3. A list of option for how to handle the restriction will display
    1. Apply Discount To
      1. Either applies to all product listed on the coupon or any product that is not assigned to the coupon
    2. Products
      1. Specify what products are used for the discount basis

Restrict by Customer

The following steps assume an admin worker is logged in and is view the coupon add/edit page.

  1. Under section “Audience” a drop-down will display for “Audience”
  2. Set the drop-down to “Private”
  3. A list of option for how to handle the restriction will display
    1. Customer/User Access drop down
      1. Determines if the list of customers are excluded or included from coupon
    2. Selected Customers/Users
      1. Specify what customers are used for the discount basis

Coupons Sync to ERP

If your site is set up to use CIMclouds Standard Connector the ERP sync will push coupons used on orders to the ERP. The coupon will import to your ERP system as a negative line item with item code “/COUPON”. On the website, there is no setup required for this feature, but this should be tested before rolling out to live customers.

Coupons Sync Testing Steps

  1. Create a test coupon in the worker portal
    1. If you are only using the coupon for internal testing, restrict the coupon to only apply to your internal test login.
  2. Place an order with the test coupon
  3. Order will sync to ERP once completed
  4. Verify Order in ERP is correct
    1. A negative line item will be created in Sage for the coupon total
    2. If the order fails to sync to sage, verify a /MISC item code is created in Sage.
      1. The misc item code should have the name “/COUPON”

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