Product Marketing Icons


Product Marketing Icons are a way to set icon overlays for product images that have specified functionality when clicked, and call out specific attributes of the given product for users.

Some common use cases of this feature are denoting things like “New”, “Clearance”, or “Sale” on a product.


What a Customer Sees

On the search results and product page, customers will see marketing icons overlayed on product images.

Merchandising Tools Product Marketing Icons Product Marketing Icons Customer

What a CRM Worker Sees

No display for the CRM worker.

What an Admin Worker Sees

On the product add/edit page, admin workers will have the ability to control which icons display to the customer.

Merchandising Tools Product Marketing Icons Product Marketing Icons Worker

How it Works


  1. All marketing icons can be enabled on a single product
  2. Marketing flag images are the same for all products
  3. Admin works have the ability to update the marketing icons


Enable Feature

A worker can complete the following steps to enable the ratings and reviews feature.

  1. Navigate to “Settings Workspace” > “System-Wide Settings” > “Application settings”
  2. Click “Features” > “Product Catalog” and a list of application settings will display
  3. Scroll down to section “Merchandising Tools”
  4. On feature “Product Marketing Icons(4) That Overlay Each Corner of the Product Images” toggle the default status to “ON”


Enable Marketing Icon on a Product

A worker can complete the following steps to enable product icons on a given product. The following steps assume the Worker is logged into the worker portal.

  1. Navigate to Product Workspace > Product Catalog > Products
  2. Find a product to display icons on
  3. Edit the product
  4. You should be on the add/edit product page at this point
  5. Scroll down to “Flags”
  6. Radio buttons to toggle each flag will display in this section


Update Marketing Icons

Every marketing icon has a corresponding image that displays on the search results or product page. By default, the CIMcloud application is preloaded with 4 marketing icon placeholder images. It is recommended to update the icons prior to displaying icons to customers.

To update the marketing icons upload an image to the site with the same file name as the existing marketing icons. The names of the default marketing icon file names are the following:

Product Detail Page:

  1. flag1_n.png
  2. flag2_n.png
  3. flag3_n.png
  4. flag4_n.png

Search Results Page:

  1. flag1_t.png
  2. flag2_t.png
  3. flag3_t.png
  4. flag4_t.png

We recommend an icon size is 50×50 pixels.


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