Customer Reviews / Ratings System


The Customer Reviews / Rating System feature is designed to further provide the “Amazon Experience” for customers on your website, and help validate your product offering to potential (and existing) customers.

While often more commonly applied B2C use cases, this feature can also provide values for B2B users as you look to cross-sell or upsell products. 


What a Customer Sees

On the product page, customers will have the ability to view and create reviews.

Merchandising Tools Customer Reviews / Ratings System Customer Reviews

What a CRM Worker Sees

No display for the CRM worker.

What an Admin Worker Sees

Admim workers have the ability to manage ratings and reviews.


How it Works


  1. All products will have an option for a user to submit a rating and review
  2. User must be logged in to review
  3. All reviews are hidden on the website until the Admin worker marks visible


Enable Feature

A worker can complete the following steps to enable the ratings and reviews feature.

  1. Navigate to “Settings Workspace” > “System-Wide Settings” > “Application settings”
  2. Click “Features” > “Product Catalog” and a list of application settings will display
  3. Scroll down to section “Merchandising Tools”
  4. On feature “Customer Reviews / Ratings System” toggle the default status to “ON”


Enabling Reviews

By default, all reviews will be hidden to consumers on the website. An Admin worker must enable the review to display online to make the review visible. A worker will need to complete the following steps to enable a review on the website.

  1. Navigate to Product Workspace > Product Catalog > Ratings & Reviews
  2. You should be on a manage Ratings & Reviews page that has a list of all reviews
  3. Under the column “Actions” the last link will either state “Show Online” or “Hide Online”
    1. Clicking either of these options will toggle the reviews visibility



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