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The Enterprise / Faceted Search bundle is designed to enhance the standard functionality that’s included in all CIMcloud applications. While each of the below features has a different functional use case, they all serve the objective of making it easier for users to easily find items on the site.

All of the features within this bundle can be set up and managed by site administrators within the Settings Workspace.

Summary of Features

  • Refine Your Search
    • Allows you to set up Search Groups and Search Terms that enable users to refine the search results based on select variables (color, gender, size, etc.)
  • Make & Model Search
    • Allows users to leverage a products make, model, and year to limit search results to only products associated with those particular criteria
  • Assemblies / Exploded View Diagrams using Parent Products
    • Provides a visual diagram of a finished (parent) product and all the component parts that make up that item, then allows users to add items to cart by component part
  • Use Search Service
    • This switches the search results/category page return from using the standard SQL based return and Faceted Search server file to using a SOLR based return. This allows for more advanced searching. This uses an API to connect to the SOLR Search Service. Before enabling this option please check with CIMcloud to validate the API is set up and working properly. This also changes how/where some of the sort and search options are set. Please review article for more detail.

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