DM2 Notifications Bundle [Q]


This article reviews the DM2 Notification Bundle and what users with the bundle can expect. This bundle only works in conjunction with the DM2 Weblink Notifications, Sage100 add-on. The DM2 Weblink Notifications purchase and set-p in Sage100 is not handled by CIMcloud and is assumed to be installed and working in Sage for this CIMcloud bundle to function. There is additional set-up need on the Sage side to link with CIMcloud as noted below and this coordination with DM2/PDI will be handled by the Sage owner and not CIMcloud. Note: DM2 is now part of PDI.

This bundle allows documents created from Sage and stored by the Sage owner to be available for retrieval by the customer from the CIMcloud platform from several different locations as described below. These documents can include:

AR Statements (PDF)
SO invoices (PDF)
Wholesale Price Quotes (PDF)
CL Price Quotes (PDF)
CL invoices (PDF)
AR EFT Notifications (TXT)
Dealer Credit Card Batch Notices (TXT)

Summary of Features


This bundle requires additional setup on the customer’s behalf. See more information here!


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