Advanced Add to Cart & Order Entry

The Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry bundle (Bundle 3M) is a collection of features that provides enhanced functionality for your internal CRM workers and customers to place orders on your CIMcloud application.

This bundle provides a blend of features that modify the options and mechanisms that users can leverage when they are evaluating products, building shopping carts, and checking out.

Summary of Features

  • Price Display Type (for MAP pricing controls)
    • Provides additional display settings and options (on a per product basis) for pricing on the website
  • Add-on Products
    • Provides users with a drop list view on stand-alone and child products to show other products that can be purchased as “add-on’s”
  • Disable/Show Price and Show Add to Cart per Product by Account (uses Product Aliases)
    • Allows you to hide or display pricing and add to cart options per product on by individual customer account, utilizing product aliases on the website
  • Unit of Measure (standard and sales only)
    • Allows you to display the sales unit of measure from Sage 100 on products (using standard UOM and conversion fields in Sage)
  • Blocking of IP Addresses
    • Allows you to configure specific IP addresses that you want to have blocked on the website – ensuring that you aren’t accepting orders from people/locations that you don’t want to fulfill.
  • Requested Ship/Pickup Date is Collected From Customer
    • Adds a new input on the payment page where a customer can request a ship/pickup date using a calendar tool.
    • Available dates are configurable in the Worker Portal.

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