Unit of Measure Setup (Superseded)

This article is superseded by  Unit of Measure (Simple) for Sage 100 (standard and sales only)


Unit of Measure (UOM) allows [a worker] to configure a product to be sold in a certain preset quantity.


Step-by-Step Process:

To configure a UOM for a product, in the [Worker Portal], they will navigate to:
Product Workspace Home –> Product Catalog –> Products

[The worker] will then click ‘Edit’ under the Actions column for the product that they would like to configure a UOM for. If they would like to add a new product instead, they will click the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Products’ link.

They will then be redirected to the Product Add/Edit page. Here there will be a section labeled ‘Unit of Measure Standard Sales’. This section contains the following 3 settings:

  • Standard UOM
    • This is the UOM for each product itself.
  • Sales UOM
    • This is the UOM that the product is sold to the customer as
  • Sales UOM Conversion
    • This is the muliplier for how many Standard UOM are in the Sales UOM

An example of configuring the above would be a 12 pack of coffee bags sold on a website as a case. The settings would be as follows:

Standard UOM: Bag
Sales UOM: Case
Sales UOM Conversion: 12



The UOM for a product is configured.



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