Unit of Measure for Sage 100 (Superseded)

This article is superseded by  Unit of Measure (Simple) for Sage 100 (standard and sales only)


The Unit of Measure for Sage 100 feature allows you to leverage the UOM setup from your ERP system to provide a consistent purchasing experience for online buyers. This provides the option to show both standard and sales unit of measure options with a drop down selector for the customer to choose when adding to cart.

A common use case for this bundle is businesses that sell both B2C and B2B, but offer different purchasing options depending on customer group. By implementing this feature (and CIMcloud’s ERP integration) you can leverage the existing data structure and methodology that you’ve already established.

What a Customer Sees

Advanced Add to Cart and Order Entry Unit of Measure for Sage 100 (Superseded) Unit Of Measure

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