Product Inventory Tools [C]


The Product Inventory Tools Bundle allows you to display inventory levels from your ERP system, based on established sets of rules, within your CIMcloud application. In addition to seeing inventory availability, users will also be able to monitor out of stock products and set up alerts once products become available. 

When this bundle is implemented, there will be a variety of ways (and locations) in which customers can gain insights on inventory related to specific products. This will provide your customers and CRM workers with visibility into inventory on specific products in effort to: 

  • Alleviate inbound requests regarding product availability
  • Help users forecast purchase timing and product availability
  • Provide reps with insights on what products customers are monitoring
  • Reduce uncertainty related to order quantities and/or backorders


Summary of Features


How It Works (Diagram)

Product Inventory Tools Product Inventory Tools [C] Product Inventory Bundle How It Works

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