Product Inventory Tools (Bundle C)


The Product Inventory Tools Bundle allows you to display inventory levels from your ERP system, based on established sets of rules, within your CIMcloud application. In addition to seeing inventory availability users will also be able to monitor out of stock products and set up alerts once products become available. 

This will provide your customers and employees with visibility into inventory on specific products in effort to: 

  • Alleviate inbound requests regarding product availability
  • Help users forecast purchase timing and product availability
  • Provide reps with insights on what products customers are monitoring
  • Reduce uncertainty related to order quantities and/or backorders


Summary of Features

  • Inventory Levels Sync from ERP system
    • Pulls inventory levels from your ERP to show users either i) stock status, and/or ii) the exact quantity that’s available for purchase
  • Inventory Display Profiles
    • Creates a set of rules that dictate what the customer will see related to product inventory
  • Product Inventory (Out of Stock) Watch with Email Notifications
    • Allows users to add items to their “watch list” with email alerts when the item is back in stock
  • Out of Stock / Backorder Alert Based on Order Quantity
    • Provides a warning to users at checkout if they’re ordering a larger quantity than what’s available for purchase 


What a Customer Sees

When this bundle is implemented, there will be a variety of ways (and locations) in which customers can gain insights on inventory related to specific products. 

Customers will be able to view the actual quantity available on product detail pages: 

As customers go through the checkout process, they will receive alerts if they are ordering a product that is not currently in stock or does not have enough inventory to fill the entire order:

For items that are out of stock, customers can add them to a “watchlist” that will send an alert via email once the product becomes available again: 

What a CRM Worker Sees

Workers will be able to see quantity available across all products:

Workers can view all customers who have subscribed to an inventory watchlist (and associated products):

And workers can even create a watchlist on behalf of a customer:


Admin (Worker) Setup and Configuration Options

When configuring the Product Inventory Tools bundle, site administrators will leverage the Product, Content, Application Settings workspaces to create and manage the following inventory-related settings:

Inventory Display Profiles (to apply to products) 

A profile is a set of rules that dictate what the customer can see & do, and are managed within the Product Workspace. 

  • Choose whether or not it is an inventory item
  • Choose the Inventory Display Profile that applies the rules
  • Override the inventory-related messages by status (that are inherited by the Inventory Display Profile) for In Stock, Out of Stock, On Purchase Order
  • Set a buffer qty (false 0) for a product to be considered out of stock

Note: Quantities shown below are summed from applicable warehouses in your ERP system.

Manage Inventory Watch Email Settings

Site admins will be able to establish and make adjustments to the email settings on outbound communication for users who have been assigned (or assigned themselves) to a watch list.

  • Can see inventory levels (quantities) by warehouse
  • Can see summed inventory levels (all warehouse) on products



How It Works (Diagram)

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