Advanced Order Entry Tools [U]


The Advanced Order Entry Tools Bundles provides additional functionality on the CIMcloud platform, mostly related to B2B-specific use cases. Specifically, features like the Supervisor Order Approval system are designed to provide the same ordering workflow and parameters within the site that your customers (and employees) have in offline transactions.

CIMcloud site administrators can manage these settings-based features within the Employee Portal, and make adjustments on the fly as they get user feedback and mature the application.

Summary of Features

  • Put Orders on Hold in ERP if Over Credit Limit
  • Effective Order Date Calculated Using Eligible Business Days and Cutoffs
  • Expected Ship Date from Fixed Lead Time
  • Expected Ship Date from Profiles and Product Overrides
  • Force Orders to Credit Card Only if Over Credit Limit – (This feature has been deprecated and this functionality can be accomplished using the feature below Stop orders on Hold or Over Limit)
  • Global Shipping Addresses
  • Hold Order In Website Until Approved, then Sync to ERP
  • Local Pickup Option in Cart
  • Shipping Address Validation by FedEx
  • Shipping Address Validation by UPS
  • Digital Products – With Auto Create Auth from Orders
  • Stop Orders if On Hold or Over Credit Limit
  • Supervisor Order Approval System with Email Notifications
    • Allows for you to place restrictions on which customer users are able to place orders, and which must submit the order for approval at checkout

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