Advanced Product Inventory Tools [T]


The Advanced Product Inventory Tools bundle provides users with enahnced inventory capabilities by building upon the feature set from the Product Inventory Tools bundle. For larger organizations, with more complex inventory set ups, this gives them the degree of flexibility and control needed to sell online.

The primary application of this bundle is for users that have multiple warehouses in different geographic locations.

Summary of Features

  • Data Sets – Warehouses
    • This allows you to control which warehouse specific customer groups are allowed to select from
      • Example: Customer Group A can only purchase from Warehouse A
  • Hide Product if Out of Stock
    • Leverages dynamic inventory data to hide products that are currently out of stock. This removes the need to manually add/remove products when there’s concerns over ability to fulfill orders
  • Show Inventory for Single Warehouse with Selector to Change
    • Allows users to see quantity available by warehouse, and select which warehouse they prefer to order from
  • Show Warehouse Selection per Line when Adding to Cart
    • Provides visibility to users on which goods (and quantities) are coming from which warehouse. This helps with forecasting lead time on delivery of the order at the time of purchase

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