CRM Standard [A]


CRM Standard is an optional add-on bundle to the CRM Workspace (a “lite” CRM tool) that adds additional capacity and functions to the application.


Additional Functionality

  • Creation of a central interaction database / “conversation log”
  • Adds the following capabilities to interact with quote requests:
    • Creates a central  database that logs all actions associated with the quote
    • Central interaction database entries for each quote include
      • Internal and external notes added by Workers
      • Notes added by Contacts
      • Workflow confirmation emails between Workers & Contacts triggered by notes
    • Ability to display existing quotes filtered by stages and who has next action
  • Workers (with appropriate rights assigned) have the following added capabilities:
    • Edit prices for products and shipping on saved orders and quotes
    • Ability to edit quantity on payment page
    • Ability to edit product prices on payment page
    • Ability to edit shipping prices on payment page
    • Ability to add non-catalog products
    • Ability to lock a quote or selected lines on a quote

CRM Standard CRM Standard [A]

Worker Notes and Activity Tracking

Notes and Activity Tracking can be accessed by the worker by navigating to:

CRM Workspace ⟶ Worker Timeline ⟶ Notes / Comments

Installation of CRM Standard changes the Worker’s landing page display.  The complete Activity Log for interaction tracking is accessed using the Notes/Comments link on the Worker Timeline menu in the CRM Workspace.

All interactions (based on Worker rights) are displayed, sorted in descending order from the most recent.

CRM Standard CRM Standard [A]

That portal can also be accessed from the link displayed on the main panel of the landing page.

CRM Standard CRM Standard [A]

Presentation of data on the Accounts task of the Customers menu in the CRM Workspace is also changed by deployment of CRM Standard.

The detail page for the selected account now displays two columns.  The left column contains activity notes sorted in descending order.  The right column contains key account information including Worker notes, recent sales orders, recent invoices, and recent shipment confirmations.

A menu ribbon across the top of the detail page enables the Worker to quickly change the display of key account data.

CRM Standard CRM Standard [A]

CRM Standard CRM Standard [A]

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