Manage Accounts

The following are instructions for managing Accounts within the CIMcloud platform:

  1. Create a new account on the platform using the CRM Workspace.
    • For B2C (websites supporting anonymous customers)
      • The customer enters account information during the checkout process.  The Account (Customer) and Address are created in the ERP software when the order is submitted.
    • For a B2B website, or users logged in to an existing account on a B2C site:
      • Click the Accounts link under the Customers menu in the CRM Workspace and select the “+” icon or + Add Account button. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Note the following additional details:
        • Payment terms:  Data is imported from the customer’s account in the ERP system.  Changes to payment terms should be made in the ERP software for synchronization to the website.
        • Representative code:  Data is imported from the customer’s account in the ERP system

If representative code is changed on the platform and the ERP account is not changed to match, the ERP data will overwrite the value on the website at the next synchronization interval.

      • Pricing overrides and discount:  Data can contain a combination of imported ERP price levels and overrides entered on the platform. 

When both imported and manually-created pricing records exist, the ERP configuration must be customized to prevent a full export of the ERP pricing from deleting the manually entered pricing.

      • Account information and address – If account creation and/or editing is restricted to the ERP software, changing data in these fields is not possible.  If account data entry is authorized, the changes will import to the  ERP system on the first order following the data change.

The ERP software is considered to be the data of record.  Therefore, the site administrator may restrict editing of account data on the platform and require that all changes to accounts be entered only through the ERP system.

      • Addresses – This section contains shipping addresses that have been used on orders from this account.  The same options as outlined for contact information and address apply here also.

2. Add contacts (for B2B accounts) After the account has been created and synchronized to the website, contacts (users) are added.

3. Edit accounts on the platform using the CRM Workspace

  • Use the Accounts link under the Customers menu in the CRM Workspace
    • Use the search function to located the account to edit
    • Select the Edit link on the right side of the line to open the add-edit page
  • Edit contacts information – refer to information in the linked article
  • Disable the account with radio buttons at top of page
    • When disabled, no Contacts attached to the account will be able to login to the website
  • Edit account billing address
    • Use the Contact information and address section on the add-edit page.  See the information about these fields above.
  • Edit account order settings

As stated above, the customer’s ERP software is considered to be the data of record.  When edits to account records are permitted, changes entered on the platform will NOT update the ERP software until an order is placed for the account.  If the account data synchronizes FROM the ERP prior to that order, all changes made on the site will be overwritten by data from the ERP.  Best practice is editing existing accounts in the ERP software and allowing changes to synchronize to the website.

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