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Testing Contacts & Workers Logins

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. For Contacts
    1. (Option 1)  Enter URL https://<sitename>.mycimcloud.com/
      1. Login using your Worker credentials
      2. Navigate to CRM workspace > Customers > Contacts menu item
      3. Locate the Contact username to be tested and select the Impersonate link
      4. Verify successful login to correct account
    2. (Option 2)  Enter URL https://<sitename>.cimproduction.com/ (pre go-live)
      1. Login using the Contact username and password
      2. Verify successful login to correct account
      3. After go-live, the URL will be https://www.<sitename>.com
  2. For Workers
    1. Enter URL https://<sitename>.mycimcloud.com/
      1. Login with the Worker credentials to be tested
      2. Verify workspaces access is correctly restricted
      3. Verify that the dashboard displays data for only authorized accounts
      4. Verify ability to login to authorized accounts using the Impersonate link
      5. Verify that Worker can complete transactions permitted by assigned rights


Contacts are able to login and access their account data.  Workers are able to login, access only assigned workspaces, view only authorized accounts data, and execute permitted transactions for their accounts.

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