Account Credit Limits


Setting an account credit limit on an account allows the restriction of the account to have a set limit on how much they can have on open invoices before we restrict them from placing orders on terms.


Step-by-Step Process:

To set an account credit limit on an account, in the [Worker Portal], [the worker] will navigate to:
CRM Workspace –> Customers –> Accounts

They will then click ‘Edit’ under the Actions column of the account they would like to add a credit limit to. If they would like to create a new account and add a credit limit to it, they will instead click the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Accounts’ link.

They will then be redirected to the Account Add/Edit page. Here they will navigate down to the section titled ‘Credit Status’. To set the credit limit, they will simply put the value desired in the text input for ‘Credit Limit’.



An account credit limit is set on an account.


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