Customers Overview

The video in this article provides an introduction to your “Customers” in CIMcloud.  CIMcloud Customers consist of accounts (the Sage 100 customer record) and contacts.  A contact is the actual person, with a unique username and password, that logs into your CIMcloud store. They can view your product catalog, place orders, and access various data associated with their account such as; sales orders, shipments, invoices, and payments. The following video will give you an overview of CIMcloud customers.

Video Overview

Summary of Topics Covered

The video covers the following topics:

  • Accounts
    • Manage
    • Add-Edit
  • Contacts
    • Manage (contacts + house users)
    • Add-Edit
  • Customer Groups
    • Manage
    • Add-Edit (general, features, data rights, members)
    • Impersonate

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