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Learning CIMcloud: Types of Users

Topic: CIMcloud 2.0 user classifications defined

CIMcloud platform users are divided into two major categories:

  • Contacts
  • Workers

Contacts are users who access the site as customers. The Account Information field determines which account data the contact is able to access.

Contact records exist only on the platform and are not synchronized to or from the ERP software. Multiple contacts may be assigned to one account. Contact user names must be unique on the platform (i.e. the same username cannot be used on multiple accounts).

Workers are users who manage, assist, or support Contact users. They have additional rights and are typically staff members of the website owner.

Workers’ access and tasks are regulated by the rights assigned by the administrator. Several default sets of rights are delivered as part of the platform. CIMcloud Pro Services can work with site administrators to create custom rights assignments as needed.

The first worker (created during the site build) is the platform administrator.  The administrator is the first person to log in following completion of the site build and will create additional users.

The administrator has access to all available data and data management functions on the site.  Best practice guides suggest that the administrator creates Workers with rights appropriate for the assigned responsibilities. Reserve the administrator login for use only as required by senior management.


The landing page displayed following login depends on the user’s classification. Contacts will view the B2B or retail portal landing page as configured in your [CIMcloud Application Settings]. Workers will view the Workspaces dashboard page.

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