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CRM Lite is a base Customer Relationship Management tool that allows a  worker to manage and view relevant customer information as well as relevant information about sales.


Concurrent Logins

CRM Lite allows for 5 concurrent logins by workers.  The functionality and data viewed by the worker are configured by assigning rights to to each worker.  Each worker can have different rights.



Restricting Accounts for Each Worker

What accounts each worker has access to can be configured on the worker directly.   The options are:

  • A specific account (Matching Account/A_ID)
  • Accounts that are matched to a specific Rep code (Accounts with rep code match)
  • All Accounts (Show All Accounts)

These can be configured in the section Accounts this Worker is Authorized to See.

When the rep code restriction is set a field displays in the user interface for adding the ID to the Worker record.


CRM Lite Functionality

Add or Edit Account
A worker can add or edit an Account directly by navigating to:

CRM Workspace → Accounts

After a worker selects the desired Account or creates a new account by pressing the ‘+’ icon (if allowed), they will be able to add / modify the relevant information for the Account.  If an account is created, it will not be imported into your ERP system until the account places an order through the website.


Add or Edit Contacts

Similar to Accounts, the worker can also modify or add Contacts. To do so, the worker will navigate to:

CRM Workspace → Contacts

Contacts can be viewed as logins for each customer.  Each Contact is connected to a single Account and an Account can have multiple Contacts.

Note: Contacts are specific to the website only.  They will not be imported into your ERP system.

Add or Edit Shipping Addresses

A worker (if given the correct rights) can modify or add shipping addresses for an account(s).   To navigate to the shipping addresses, the worker will go to:

CRM Workspace → Addresses

After the worker selects the address they are wanting to modify or presses the ‘+’ to add a new address, they will be able to add / modify the relevant information for the shipping address.  As with Accounts, if a new address is added, it will not be imported into your ERP system until the account places an order on the website.


Create a Quote

A worker can create a new quote by navigating to:

CRM Workspace → Sales Pipeline → Create a Quote

Note the following functions and restrictions for quotes in CRM Lite:

  • Quotes are assigned a default name, which can be changed by the Worker or Contact
  • There is no restriction on the number of open quotes on an account
  • The Worker or the Contact can open the quote and convert it to an order
  • No communication between Worker and Contact about the quote is enabled
  • The Worker can login and edit the quote by adding or removing products
  • The Worker cannot change quantities, product pricing, or shipping pricing on the site


Place an Order for a Customer

A worker can place an order on behalf of an Account or Contact (if they have the rights to do so).  The workflow for placing orders mirrors the workflow for creating quotes (above) until the final step in the process.

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