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Content Workspace Overview


This is a walk-through introduction of the Content Workspace in the CIMcloud platform Worker Portal.

Video Overview

Major Areas of the Content Workspace

The following is a screenshot of the navigation in the Content Workspace.

Worker Portal Content Workspace Overview Content Workspace

The following major areas are included in the base Content Workspace:

  • Content Workspace Home
  • Content
  • Navigation
  • SEO Settings

Note: Some optional add-on bundles add additional navigation links and/or sections in the Content Workspace.

Additional Walkthrough Video

The following demo-style walkthrough video provides additional context and details on the Content Workspace.

Topics Included

The follows topics are includes in the video above:

  • Quick Introduction
    • Static Content
    • Web Pages
    • Slide Shows
    • Images and Files
    • Access to Navigation Links
  • Web Pages
    • Manage
    • Add-Edit – including a walk-through of the fields
    • Show the WYSIWYG editor with HTML view
    • Mention Breadcrumbs, and Slideshow
  • A Quick View of the Web Pages on Customer Sites
    • B2B Portal – typically no content links
    • Public Store – overview of the nav links
  • Nav Links Menu
    • Walkthrough of editing a nav link
  • Slide Shows
  • Images & Files (which uses a CDN via Amazon Web Services)

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