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Customer Sites Overview


Customer Sites (or Web Stores) are the part of the CIMcloud platform that your customers use to self-service with you by accessing product data, creating quotes, placing and tracking orders, tracking and paying invoices, etc. Customer Sites leverage data automatically synced from your ERP system. They also leverage content, product data, and settings data managed in CIMcloud via the workspaces.

Types of Customer Sites

The following is a breakdown of the types of customer sites that can be created and managed on the CIMcloud platform, allowing your customer to self-service and interact with you 24/7.

Typical Capabilities

With any of the CIMcloud customer sites listed above, your customers can:

  • Search or browse your product catalog
  • Place quotes and orders
  • Track orders and shipments
  • Track invoices, payments, and credits *
  • Make invoice payments *
  • Place ad-hoc requests with your staff
  • [Optional] Make and track returns
  • [Optional] Use 100’s of other features from 20+ optional software bundles

* These are capabilities typically used by B2B companies that are included with the base CIMcloud platform.

B2B Customer Self-Service Portal(s)

Click here for an overview of B2B Customer Self-Service Portal(s).

Customer Sites Customer Sites Overview B B Portal


Public Catalog(s) with B2B Self-Service Portal

Click here for an overview of a Public Catalog with B2B Self-Service Portal.

Customer Sites Customer Sites Overview Public Catalog

Public Store(s) (Retail Ecommerce / Shopping Cart)

Click here for an overview of a Public Store (Ecommerce / Shopping Cart).

Customer Sites Customer Sites Overview Public Store

Customer-Specific Web Stores

Click here for an overview of Customer-Specific Web Stores, including descriptions of these two common use-cases: 1) Company Stores, and 2) Syndicated Stores.

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