Guest Checkout


Guest Checkout is a feature that allows customers to place an order on your website without creating a username and password (requires Retail Catalog: Public-Facing Product Catalog).   

When an anonymous (non-logged in) customer goes to checkout on the website, they will be given the option to sign in with an existing account, create a new account, or checkout as a Guest. The guest checkout option does not require the customer to create a username and password, making the checkout process quicker.


Guest checkout can be enabled in the Settings Workspace under System-Wide Settings > Applications Settings > Features > Quotes / Ordering > Retail Catalog: Public-Facing Product Catalog.

There are two options for importing guest checkout orders into your ERP system:

  1. Import orders into one “catch all” guest checkout account (typical)
  2. Create a new customer for every guest checkout order (note that repeat guest checkout customers will create duplicate records in your ERP)


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