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Use the Payment Methods link on the Payment Processing menu to enter the choices available to pay for orders (shopping cart) or to pay invoices.  Payment Methods can be configured for use by specific customers or to display only under certain conditions.

To modify an existing Payment Method, in the Worker Portal, navigate to:

Settings Workspace → Payment Processing → Payment Methods 

Then click ‘Edit’ under the Actions column for the Payment Method you would like to modify. 

To create a new Payment Method, press the ‘+’ icon next to ‘Payment Methods’.  

When you click the ‘+’ icon or ‘Edit’ (as mentioned above) you will be directed to the Payment Methods Add/Edit page. Here there are several categories that allow for setting different configurations for the Payment Method.

Step-by-Step Process:

General Information:

  • Status
    • The setting to determine if the Payment Method is ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’ on the site for customers.
  • Reference ID
    • An internal reference to the Payment method.  This value can be any combination of characters; however, it must be unique to all other Payment Methods.
  • Name
    • The Payment Method name as seen by customers.
  • Description/Help Text
    • The text that is displayed as a help tip to the customer when using or selecting the Payment Method.
  • Confirmation HTML
    • The text that will display in the order confirmation email.

Payment Settings:

  • Process Payment Using
    • There are 3 ways to have the payment processed:
      • Credit card Merchant Account
      • Paypal
      • N/A – Payment Processed Offline
        • The payment is not processed by the site, but the customer’s information is collected so that they can be charged outside of the site/application at a later time or in a custom manner not supported by the application.
  • Payment Type
    • A method of tracking how the customer paid.  Typical values for this are cc, billme, or paypal.  
  • Collect PO Number
    • Configure whether or not the Payment Method requires the customer to enter a PO number.

Display Settings:

  • Position
    • The position the Payment Method is displayed to the user.  The values are ascending (a lower number shows before a higher number).
  • Display on Pages
    • The pages the Payment Method display on.  The 3 choices are:
      • Payment Page 
      • Create Invoice Payment Page 
      • Super User Order Form Page 
  • Display When
    • Set the logic for when the Payment Method is shown.  The 3 options are:
      • Always
        • Shows to users all the time
      • Default
        • Shows to users that do not have a Terms Code or to users with the Terms Code set on the Payment Method  (detailed below)
      • Restricted 
        • Shows to users that have a Terms Code that is a subset of the Terms Code listed in the multi-select input that appears when this option is selected.
  • ERP Terms Code 
    • The Terms Code a customer must have set on them for the Payment Method to be an option to them.
  • Only Show if Balance is Zero
    • An option to allow the Payment Method to show if the balance on the invoice or order is 0.



A Payment Method is created or modified.


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