Configure Payment Gateway

The example below is based on the configuration for the Paya gateway.  Other supported merchants use the same interface but may label their fields differently.

  1. Retrieve your gateway credentials.  Paya provides instructions for this in their help center:  Paya Help Center.

  1. Use the Merchant Accounts link on the Payment Processing menu of the Settings Workspace to set up the gateway.
  1. Select the Add Merchant Account button to create a new merchant gateway record.
  1. Select the merchant from the list of supported gateway integrations.
  1. Enter the M_ID and M_Key credentials provided by the merchant in the respective fields.  (Note, the data may be called by a different label, depending on the merchant).

  1. Specify the funds capture policy for your company.
  1. Enter your initials and select the Save Merchant Account button at the bottom of the page.

  1. To configure your gateway to process ACH transactions in addition to credit cards, set the Use Virtual Check button to “Yes.”

  1. Insert the additional credentials provided by the merchant in these fields.


Test payments on the site and confirm:

  1. Credit card transactions process successfully with the website gateway integration
  2. Credit card transactions import to the ERP system without error
  3. Credit card payments can be successfully posted in the ERP software after import
  4. ACH transactions (if configured) complete the same testing sequence

Paya Help Center

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