Upgrading Your Sage 100 ERP

Overview of This Article
This article is intended to provide directions on the necessary steps to ensure CIMcloud can update your ERP sync configuration to accommodate your ERP version upgrade.

Topics covered:

  1. The CIMcloud ERP Upgrade Questionnaire (located here)
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Estimates and Scheduling
  4. The ERP Upgrade Process
  5. ERP Upgrades with Server Moves

The CIMcloud ERP Upgrade Questionnaire
The first step in starting the ERP upgrade process with CIMcloud, is to complete the online ERP upgrade questionnaire, located here.

This completed form will provide critical information needed by our team to plan, scope and schedule our portion of the ERP upgrade work.  Please be thorough when completing this form.

Roles & Responsibilities
While the initial ERP integration is a deliverable of our Product Team, the process of accommodating an ERP version upgrade is handled solely by our CIM Pro Services team.  They will work to scope, plan, schedule and execute the required changes to your ERP sync configuration.

Estimates and Scheduling
The level of effort and cost for CIM Pro Services to complete their portion of the ERP upgrade varies depending on the type of upgrade.  Once the ERP Upgrade Questionnaire has been completed, our team will provide an accurate estimate based on project requirements.

*Please note: We request a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice prior to your ERP upgrade for proper scheduling and resource allocation.

The ERP Upgrade Process
Once the ERP upgrade questionnaire has been completed, and the CIM Pro Services team has received approval of the estimate, the ERP upgrade dates will be scheduled with our ERP team.  

Below is an overview of the process.

  1. Your ERP Sync tool will be disabled the afternoon prior to your upgrade date (typically 5:00 PM EST unless otherwise indicated by you and your VAR)
  2. During this time, your sitefront will continue to accept orders/payments as normal. Any orders/payments placed during the downtime will queue up to be imported once the connection is reestablished. Your end users will not be impacted during this time.
  3. The required work for our ERP team to complete will be pre-scheduled for the day following the upgrade. (Typically 9:00 AM EST the following business day.)
    1. Should the upgrade take longer than expected, please contact our team, and we will defer our work
  4. Once we have completed our portion of the upgrade, we will follow up to verify orders are importing as normal.
    1. While CIMCloud is performing our portion of the upgrade, your users can be in your ERP and using it normally. 
    2. We also do NOT require an additional server restart. 
  5. We will leave the task open in a stabilization period for 2 – 3 days.

ERP Upgrades with Server Moves
If your upgrade involves moving to a new server, our team will need to have our remote utility tool installed on the destination server in order to have access to complete their portion of the work.  The instructions are below: 

GoToAssist: Install Website Pipeline Remote Support Utility (Free)

  • You must have administrator privileges on your server to install this utility, and must not be behind a VPN.
  • If you are behind a firewall, please have your system administrator make sure that TCP outbound connections for ports 80, 443 or 8200 are open on your ERP server.
  • Download https://download.erpdriver.com/Remote/wsp_remote_support.exe
  • Open the wsp_remote_support.exe utility.
  • Make sure both checkboxes are checked, and click Install.
  • You will receive a pop-up with your computer name upon completion.  Please provide CIMcloud with your server name via email or through the upgrade task in extranet.

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