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ERP Switch: Integrated ERP Platform Switch – Standard Offering


This provides details on CIMcloud’s standard offering to help current CIMcloud customers change their CIMcloud-to-ERP integration (sync) from their current standard supported ERP platform (like Sage 100, Dynamics GP, etc.) to a different one (like Acumatica, Netsuite, etc.).

Target Audience

This article is intended for existing CIMcloud customers (and their ERP partners) that are considering switching ERP platforms.

Contact Us (Early)

If you are considering an ERP platform change, please contact CIMcloud and get us in the loop early.  We can help you avoid any blind spots or pitfalls while planning.  We can also work with you to make the ecommerce portion of your overall project a low risk, low effort line item in your overall project.

Scope Summary

The following outlines the standard offering (software and services) to support a live CIMcloud customer switching their ERP system on the back end.

Changing ERP platforms has risk and takes a material amount of work.   This offering was created to make the ecommerce portion of your ERP switch project 1) low(ish) effort, 2) affordable / cost effective, and 3) low-risk.  Our primary objectives are to keep your effort low while minimizing or eliminating the customer-facing impact of your ERP switch (because your CIMcloud / ecommerce platform does not have to change… we just switch out the ERP data source feeding it)… so you can focus your primary efforts on your ERP change.


CMcloud offers fixed pricing for nearly all customers going through an ERP Switch (to a standard, supported ERP system).  The actual price varies based on the complexity of your site and the new ERP system you are integrating with.  Please contact CIMcloud to go through the free discovery and estimate process.


The following is a summary of the software upgrades you will need for an “ERP Switch” project.

  • CIMcloud Platform and & New ERP (i.e. Acumatica, Netsuite, etc.) Cloud Sync Framework
  • Go-live Sandbox Site Copy & ERP Sync

Project Services

The following is a summary of the project services you will need for an “ERP Switch” project.

1: Switch the Integration ERP Platform Using a Go-Live Sandbox Copy

  • Kickoff
  • Deploy complete “go-live sandbox” copy of your site, data, images, etc.
    • This allows your new ERP platform to be hooked up, iterated, tested, and rolled out without impacting any live site operations or date syncing.
    • This “go-live” copy of your site will eventually be your live site (we will route traffic to it when you go live on your new ERP) without all of the work associated with deploying & implementing a new ecommerce platform
  • Clear out ERP system of record data (as needed) that will conflict
    • Sales tax
    • Pricing
    • Warehouses
    • Inventory levels
    • Some history data (orders, invoices, etc.)
  • Connect package (deploy sync, connect to Acumatica, data refresh, etc.)
  • Turnover of go-live sandbox copy + ERP sync to project team
  • Wallet-style data refresh before live cut-over
  • Wallet-style data refresh after live cut-over
  • Decommission old site / ERP sync

2: Ad-Hoc Consulting: Designated Consultant During the Project

  • “ERP Switch” projects typically require light but periodic help from a CIMcloud technical expert. This offering provides a predictable, level monthly fee to have access to a designated technical resource throughout the project.
  • Participates in project calls (as requested by the overall PM)
  • Can answer product and deeper technical questions on the platform and integration
  • Can support mid-project data refreshes / clearing / mapping / etc
  • Can support minor item # and/or customer # changes, consolidation, and cleanup
  • Can help with retention of history carryover from previous site (if not being imported into the new ERP but want customers to have history of orders, invoices, shipments, payments, etc)
  • Can help support minor ERP sync customizations / configuration tweaks

Note: Any large / material ERP sync customizations (this is rare) that need to be migrated to the new ERP platform would be priced separately

Key Assumptions

This “ERP Switch” offering assumes the following

Latest Version of CIMcloud

You will be on (or get to) the latest version of the CIMcloud platform to start the project. If you are not on the latest version, you can work with CIMcloud customer success to complete a version update as the first step in this project.

This is a Single-Deliverable Project

You will take every commercially reasonable measure to separate this “ERP Switch” project from other upgrade projects you want to do with the CIMcloud platform. The highly recommended approach is to just switch out the “back end” ERP connection in a single-deliverable project and get it live. Avoid coupling the “ERP Switch” with projects that are 1) adding new functionality to the CIMcloud platform, 2) materially changing existing functionality on the platform, or 3) materially reworking content or data in the CIMcloud platform (i.e. avoid attempting a product catalog data overhaul while doing your ERP switch project).

Note: You can concurrently work on projects using a separate project sandbox environment, but make sure you talk to a CIMcloud consultant to be aware of the trade-offs associated with doing so.

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