Pay Invoices Online – Credit Card & ACH


Paying invoices online allows Contacts and Workers to view and pay their invoices online using the CIMcloud platform via Credit Card or ACH (Automated Clearing House).

This article explains one of the ways a Worker can pay invoices on behalf of a customer.

Step-by-Step Process:

Log in as a Worker and access the list of invoices for any account by navigating to the CRM Workspace →  Invoices Invoices and searching for the desired account.

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Locate an invoice to be paid and select the Pay Now link under the “Actions” column on the right of the line. (Note: If the invoice is not open, then there will be no ‘Pay Now’ option.)

When Pay Now is selected the user enters the pay invoices/payment workflow.

The link will open a display of all open invoices for the account.

Now, select the open invoice{s} that are to be paid.  Partial payments of invoices are supported.

Select a payment method.  

If your site has been configured to allow ACH payments, both Bank Account and Credit or Debit Card will be options.

Notes can be added in the “Memo” section.

If no previous payment method has been saved, select the Enter Bank Info or Enter Card Info button for specified payment method.  Enter the information on the pop-up modal.  Example on right represents payment by a credit card.

Select the Make Payment button to submit the payment when the information has been correctly entered.

The platform also features an option to provide a step-by-step walk-through for transacting online invoice payments.

Activate that guide by pressing the “i” button next to ‘Make Online Payments’. –


A cash receipts transaction for payment of the selected invoice(s) is created.  ERP Driver will import this to your ERP software as an open CR batch.  The invoices will be updated in the ERP software when the batch is posted and the updated history will be synchronized back to the website for customer reference.


How to Enable Or Disable Pay Invoices Online 

The following video outlines how to enable or disable the pay invoice online functionality. This video is applicable to versions 2020.R2 and greater.

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