Testing Invoice Payments


If you have the pay invoices online module enabled in your CIMcloud platform it is important that you verify everything is configured correctly before customers start paying their invoices on your website. To do this you will want to create an invoice on a test customer and pay it through the make online payments page using a valid credit card. To do this, find the invoice under the manage invoices page:

CRM workspace → Invoices → Invoices

then searching for the invoice number. Once you find the invoice use the pay now link to get to the make online payments page. Once here enter the amount you want to pay, in the amount to pay input box, and then enter a valid credit card. After the payment has successfully been placed, verify the payment information through your merchant account’s website. If everything looks right there, the next step is to verify the payment information in Sage. The last step is to verify that the money landed into the bank account associated with your merchant account. If you run into any issues testing online invoice payments enter a ticket into Extranet and we will work with you to resolve them.

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