Contact Us Submissions


The Contact Us Submissions can be managed by a worker in the Worker Portal.  The submissions can be viewed, edited, and/or deleted.

Step-by-Step Process:

To navigate to the Contact Us Submission manage page, the worker will go to:

CRM Workspace ⟶ Sales Pipeline ⟶ Contact Us

Here they will see all of the Contact Us requests submitted by customers on the website.  To delete a submission the worker will simply press the ‘Delete’ link under the Actions column.  To edit a submission the worker will click the ‘Edit’ link under the Actions column.

If the worker selects ‘Edit’, they will be able to modify the following data:

  • Reference Information
    • Tracking Number and Request Type
  • Contact Information
  • Address Information
  • Comments
  • Customer Information
  • Admin Information
    • Dates, IP Address, and Status
  • Whether or not to resend the email



A Contact Us Submission is modified by a worker.


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