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Custom Code Guidelines and Standards for Customers


We now allow customers to inject any CSS and JS/jQuery into their site via Custom Code.

We continuously build tools to enable our customers; however, there are some guidelines and standards we’d like you to keep in mind related to this feature.


Core checkout functionality cannot be altered with custom header/footer code:

  • We do not allow the custom header/footer code to be included on our checkout pages, due to security and data-consistency around order placement
  • These pages are:
    • Cart page (showcart.asp)
    • Bill/Ship page (account.asp)
    • Payment (payment.asp) and Confirmation page (confirm.asp)

Use best practices in regards to security on your site when writing custom code:

  • Do not modify forms to add custom inputs via jQuery/javascript to collect sensitive information (Credit card numbers, SSNs, etc)

Custom header/footer code should not impact any core transactional (non-checkout) processes, and changes to these should be completed by our Pro Services team:

  • These types of transactions include, but are not limited to:
    • Order/Quote Placement
    • Log Ins
    • Adding to Cart
    • Email triggers (Email a Friend, Contact Us, etc)
    • Saving/Processing Credit Cards

Pay attention to any third parties included in your custom code:

  • Third parties can extend functionality of your site, such as tracking tools or libraries, but can also slow your site down and cause unexpected results
  • Attempt to include only the necessary third parties in your custom header/footer code

Debugging sites with a large amount of custom header/footer code will be done with the custom code turned off, and is up to the customer to debug if the issue does not persist with custom code removed:

  • It can be hard to debug issues on a site, so we will remove one of the places that can cause issues by turning off custom header/footer code entered on your site.  If the issue is no longer there, then it will be your responsibility to debug your custom code, or our Pro Services team can estimate the time to fix it at our standard hourly rate




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