Importing Users Data Schema

Data dictionary for user records:

  • a_id = account ID (from ERP) attached to user
  • accounts_vir = Worker account restrictions, by account ID
  • authorized_rep_codes = Worker account restrictions, by ERP salesperson ID
  • c_add1,2 = user street addresses
  • c_city = user city
  • c_em = user email
  • c_f_nm = user first name
  • c_l_nm = user last name
  • c_phone = user telephone number
  • c_state = user state
  • c_zip = user postal code
  • change_pw = force user to change password (True,False)
  • pw = user password (enter as plain text)
  • user_rights_vir = rights settings to restrict Worker actions (Must be an existing right on site)
  • username = login name
  • accounts_query_type = Worker access filter method (My-acct, rep, or all)
  • Send_pw_email = send user link if change_pw = TRUE

Import process notes:

  • Remove any records or columns with no changes to avoid overwriting valid data on the site
  • Save the file in comma-delimited (*.CSV) format (*.xlsx is not valid)
  • Import using instructions in CIMcloud 2.0-Customers-Import New Users
  • Results and/or errors will display on the page at completion of import

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