Product Configurator – Questions

Creating/Modifying Questions

There are four places you can setup/manage questions:

  • On the Product Add-Edit page
    • Manage questions under the “Configuration Questions” section
  • On the Product Configurations interface page
    • Head to Product Catalog > Product Configurations
    • Select your configuration
      • Note: “Enable Product Questions” must be turned on the Product Add-Edit page to see results
  • Head to the question add-edit page (mgradmin_addedit_question.asp) directly
    • How to get here: Form Builder -> Questions -> Click the + icon
  • Spreadsheet Import

General Information

In order to setup a question, you need to include general information, such as internal identifiers, and external/human-friendly descriptions so that your customers have a better idea of what they are looking for

  • Question ID (ref_id)
    • This is a unique value for each question and is used to tie answers and/or products to questions when the site owner is uploading the configurator data
  • Question Text (question_text)
    • The Question Text is what will display to the custom on the site
  • Question Status (status)
    • Shows/hides the question on the configuration
  • Question Name (nm)
    • This setting is for the field name where the selected answered is stored on the shopping cart table
  • Type (type)
    • The question Type field sets the display of the question to the user on the site. More on this setting below

Question Types

Product configurator offers a variety of input types that you can use

  • Text Inputs
    • Single Line Input
      • Basic single line text input field where your customer can type in information
    • Multi Line Input
      • Same as a single line input but large allowing for more content to be visible when entered
      • Captcha can be added to any configuration setup to prevent bots from spamming forms. This is normally not needed for the product configurator setup
  • List Inputs
    • Droplist
    • Radio
    • Checkbox
  • Hidden Inputs
    • Sometimes you need to add items automatically, or set information on the configuration without input from the end-user
    • Examples of this would be backend instructions the site owner may need when the specific product is being ordered.
  • File Upload
    • (Requires Pro Services) An example here would be customers uploading logos, or pictures, if you have a t-shirt company, or need to engrave a product

Display Activators

Able to show/hide other questions/answers from previous selections

  • Allow the site owner to determine when a question should display to the user in the configurator
    • For example, you can set a question to only show when the user selects a specific answer on a previous question on the form. In effect you can nest questions to only display when needed.
  • When you set up a value to show a question / section, any other selection will hide that question / section. If you set a value to hide a question / section, any other selection will show that question / section.

Answer Sources

If using a list input (droplist, radio, or checkbox), we offer a variety of methods to determine where the list of answers on an question pull from

  • Internal Table
    • The default option is for the site owner to input the answers on the question. This could be used if the same product information is used to accurately create the order regardless of the answer chosen. See the “Adding products to the order” section for more details on this.
  • Answers Table
  • Products
    • The site owner can select a product to show as an answer. When this option is used, the product name displays as the answer to the customer
  • Query Builder (Requires Pro Services)
    • If you have custom logic to determine which answers should display, then we can write a query to pull those records and display them to the end user

Custom Help Tips

You can expand on what the intention of the question is, or provide better clarity to your audience

  • Accepts HTML to include images and/or custom formatting
  • Inputs
    • Display Help Tip (display_help_tip) – Setting to Yes, shows the helptip icon on the question
    • Help Title (help_title) – The header title on the helptip
    • Help Tip (help_text) – The main/description information on the helptip

Other Modifications

  • Pre-population Options – allow the site owner to select the default answer to show for each question
  • Validation – allows you to do basic to custom form validation on each individual question. WSP has programmed basic validation for text inputs, email addresses and more but the site owner can write their own custom regular expressions to do additional validation if needed
  • ERP Code (Requires Pro Services) – If using BoM, or some other mapping within Sage, you can set an internal code for CIMcloud to map when the answer is selected and the order imports into your ERP System

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