Shipping Flat Fee

When creating shipping methods that are available to customers, [a worker] can create a shipping method in [the Worker Portal] that is configured to be a flat fee instead of having the price dynamically calculated.

Step-by-Step Process:

To set an internal rate flat fee for a shipping method, in the [Worker Portal], [the worker] will navigate to:
Settings Workspace –> Shipping –> Ship Vias

To modify an existing shipping method (ship via), they will select the desired ship via and press the ‘Edit’ link under the Actions column.

If they would like to create a new shipping method to set as an internal flat fee method, they will press the ‘+’ icon next to ‘Ship Vias’.

They will then be redirected to the Shipping Method Add/Edit page. Here they will configure their shipping method. For more detailed instructions for the shipping method configurations and settings, go to Base Platform Shipping Setting Options for more information.

The first configuration that needs to be set to allow for a flat fee is the ‘Rate Type’. This setting is found under the section ‘Rate’. [The worker] will need to select ‘Internal Rate Table’ as the ‘Rate Type’.

The next and last configuration that will need to be set for for a flat rate shipping method is the ‘Type’ under the section ‘Internal Rate Schedule’. ‘Fixed Price / Amount’ will need to be selected. They will then enter the flat amount in the ‘Amount’ input and then press the ‘+’ icon below in the ‘Configured Columns’ section. Setting these values for these settings will create a flat fee shipping method.


A flat fee shipping method is created.

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