Configure Ship to Countries

A worker can configure the countries that are eligible for shipping in the [Worker Portal].

To navigate to the shipping countries configuration, in [the Worker Portal] go to:

Settings Workspace →  Shipping →  Ship To Countries

Here you will see a list of ‘Available Countries’ and a list of ‘Selected Countries’.  To choose what countries are available for shipping, simply choose the country in the ‘Available Countries’ list and then press the ‘→’  button.  It should now show up in the ‘Selected Countries’ list.  To remove a country from the ‘Selected Countries’ list, simply click the country you wish to remove and then click the ‘←’  button.  It should now show in the ‘Available Countries’ list.   When the ‘Selected Countries’ list has the desired countries, press the ‘Save Ship To Countries’ button below the 2 lists.

[insert screenshot of the shipping countries page highlighting the arrow buttons, the selected countries list, and the save ship to countries.]

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