Period-End Processing


Period-end processing in Sage 100 ERP software requires that all users are logged out of the application.

CIMcloud’s ERP Driver creates a user session when synchronizing data between Sage and the website. Therefore, ensure that the ERP Driver is paused and all CIMcloud user sessions in Sage are terminated. This can be performed just before executing period-end processing in Sage 100.

The following steps will guide you through this process.

  1. Pause the [ERP driver] using Microsoft (MS) Windows Administrator Tools on your ERP server. See Figure 1 
  2. Open the Services menu and stop all services with a “WSP” prefix (to prevent [ERP driver] from creating new users sessions automatically) See Figures 2 & 3
  3. Next disable those services (to prevent the system from automatically restarting them during the period end closing process). See Figure 3
  4. Use the Shutdown All feature in Sage 100’s Master Console to kick out any users (including CIMcloud) that may still be logged into Sage. See Figure 4

  1. After the period-end processing has been completed re-enable the services with a “WSP” prefix.
  2. Then restart those services and [ERP driver] will start syncing data again.


Figure 1: Microsoft Windows Administrator Tools
Figure 2: Microsoft Windows Services
Figure 3: Stop and Disable Services with ‘WSP’ prefix
Figure 4: Sage 100 Master Console

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