Web Order Failures

Sometimes a [web order] might fail to export because of bad data, a network issue, or other various causes.  When this happens an administrator should be notified and actions can be taken to fix the order so it can be successfully exported to the ERP system.

Step-by-Step Process:

To view all web orders and their export status, in [the Worker Portal], [the worker] should navigate to:

CRM Workspace →  Orders & Shipments →  Online Orders 

Here [the worker] can view all web orders that were placed on the site, their export status, and further details about the order.  If there are failed orders, an alert banner will display at the top of the page letting [the worker] know that the failed orders need to be handled.

To view the failed orders, click the ‘failed orders’ link in the failed orders banner at the top of the page.

The steps to take to have the order export to the ERP system successfully are:

  • Click the ‘Export Again’ link under the *Actions* column.
    • Wait until the status (under the *Import Status* column) is either ‘Failed’ or ‘Success’
  • If the status is still ‘Failed’, a [the worker] will need to submit [a ticket] in [Extranet].


A [web order] that failed to export to the ERP system will have successfully been imported or a support ticket will have been generated for the CIMCloud support team to look into the cause of the failure.

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