Testing Your CIMcloud Store


Before you launch your online store, place some test orders to see how the checkout process works. 


Test successful and failed transactions

By placing a test order, you can make sure that your checkout process and settings for order processing, inventory, shipping, email notifications, and taxes are all correct. You should place at least one test order during your store setup for each checkout use case you have, or whenever you make changes to your payment settings, shipping, or tax calculations.


There are two ways to place a test Credit Card order:


  • Use a sample credit card to simulate a transaction. This requires your credit card gateway to be in Test Mode. [link to doc providing sample CC data]
  • Use a real payment provider, and then immediately cancel and refund the order.


All orders placed on your CIMcloud website will be synced to your ERP.

Place a test order by simulating a transaction

To simulate a transaction on your online checkout, you can set your gateway to Test Mode. Verify first that your gateway is not in live use in your ERP or on another website.


To create an order, you need to enter test payment information at checkout. You can simulate different types of transactions, depending on what information you enter.


Step-by-Step Process:

From your CIMcloud Worker Portal, go to Settings Workspace > Payment Processing > Merchant Accounts. If you have a credit card payment provider enabled, you can EDIT the Merchant Account to set it to test mode. 


Go to your online store and place an order as a customer would. At checkout, enter the following credit card details instead of genuine numbers:


Name on Card: Enter any name

Card Number: Enter one of the following card numbers


American Express 370000000000002
Discover 6011000000000012
JCB 3088000000000017
Diners Club/ Carte Blanche 38000000000006
Visa 4007000000027
Mastercard 2223000010309703


CVV: Any 3-digit number (for example, 111)

Expire Date: Enter any date in the future


After you are done testing remember to set your Gateway and Merchant Account back to Live mode.

Place a test order with a real transaction
  1. Make sure that you’ve set up the payment provider that you want to test.
  2. Make a purchase from your store as a customer would, and complete checkout using genuine credit card details.
  3. Log in to your payment provider and make sure that the funds were processed.
  4. Cancel and refund the order as soon as possible to refund yourself and avoid paying any transaction fees.


Test alternative payment methods

CIMcloud supports Invoice / Bill Me Later payment methods as well as third party payment providers like PayPal. Test each payment option you are allowing your customers to use in your store.

Testing your shipping settings 

You can make sure that your shipping settings are correct by placing a test order. For example, if you offer free shipping for a certain order value, then you can test an order that would qualify for free shipping to make sure that the shipping discount is applied.


Testing your tax settings

You can make sure that your tax settings are correct by placing a test order. You can view the tax charged to an order and confirm the correct tax schedule is assigned to the order. You can also verify the order is tax exempt if applicable to the Account, Ship To Address, or Customer.

Testing order confirmation email notifications

You can review your email notifications by placing a test order. To receive the email notifications, enter your email address at checkout.




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