Upload Images and Documents


Images and document files can be uploaded to the site in the Worker Portal to be used for a variety of reasons, mainly to embed images for products and PDF files for customers to view.


Step-by-Step Process:

To upload an image or document, in the Worker Portal, the worker should navigate to:

Content Workspace → Content →  Images & Files 

Here the worker can view the folders that they can place the image or document in.  The worker will then click the folder they would like to upload to.  Once the worker clicks the link for the folder, they are brought to a page that lists all sub-folders and images/documents that belong to the folder they clicked. 

To create a new sub-folder, they can click the ‘Create Folder’ button.

To upload a file or a document, the worker will click the ‘Upload Files’ in the top right corner.  

When clicked, a modal dialogue will appear.  The first step is to click the ‘Choose a File’ button.  The next step is to choose the file (image or document) that is to be uploaded.  Once selected, on the modal dialogue, click the ‘Upload’ button.  After this process is completed, it can take up to 2 minutes to see the image or document appear in the Worker PortalThe worker can press the ‘Refresh’ button at the top of the page to refresh and see if the image or document has been fully processed and is now accessible. 



An image or document has been uploaded by a worker into the Worker Portal to be used on the site.


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