CIMcloud Glossary of Terms

There are a variety of commons terms used when referencing CIMcloud and the CIMcloud application.  These are some of the most common terms:

Term Definition
Contact A user attached to a client’s account, with access to the eCommerce Platform (note – defined as “customer” in CIMcloud 1.0 version).
Cart Shelf The Cart Shelf is the floating sidebar on the right side of the window that contains all the user’s shopping cart items at a glance.
CRM Customer Relationship Management
Navigation Menu Search Search field for the entire list of navigation links within all toolbar menus.  Search results are displayed as highlighted items in the menu drawer
Focus Template A simplified template integrated into the checkout process. Designed to keep customers and sales reps focused on the task by minimizing distractions.  Loads following the “show cart” page.
Impersonate The link used by a worker to view the site as a Contact.  (this function was accessed via the “Login” link in the CIMcloud 1.0 Web Driver).
Menu Drawer The slide-out menus containing links for the functions available in each Workspace.  Accessed by clicking the Workspace icons on the Toolbar.
PIM Product Information Management
Platform The combined components comprising the e-commerce environment, including public-facing web pages, executable code,  workspaces, database tables, ERP integration software, etc.
Settings Workspace Application settings that allow the platform Administrator access to configuration settings that were contained in the site configuration section of Web Driver (v1.0).  These are evaluated as low-risk for the site and requested by CIMcloud clients.Adjust general platform info (name, phone, etc)Change logo/color for dashboard & retail templateAdd domain names to the platformInsert global custom CSSInsert global custom Javascript
Super User The designation in CIMcloud 1.0 for the CIMcloud 2.0  “Worker.”  Refers to a user (usually an employee of the platform owner) with more permissions than a Contact.
Toolbar The top-level navigation menu located on the left side of the page in CIMcloud 2.0.
Topbar The Topbar is the header for the dashboard. It contains the logo (CIMcloud or the B2B logo depending on user role), the search box, and the cart button (for B2B users).
User Roles Access to workspaces having application links based on the worker’s job duties.  User roles are:Content WorkerCRM WorkerAdminPortalRetail
Web Driver The content management portal in CIMcloud 1.0.  Replaced by Workspaces in CIMcloud version 2.0
Worker A user  (usually an employee of the platform owner) with access to Workspaces on the Platform.  CIMcloud 2.0  Workers have access to combined Web Driver and Super User functions in previous CIMcloud 1.0 versions (defined by assigned rights in CIMcloud 2.0).
Workspace A collection of navigation links to platform applications associated with a specific user role.

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