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This article reviews the features and settings available for base product. As of product version 2022.R1.5 (internal version 4.5) many feature that were previously base are now part of bundles Starter Customer Portal w/ CRM & Content Workspaces (ARP) and Product Catalog & Cart/Ordering in Customer Portal + Product Workspace If you are on a previous version of the CIMcloud product man of the features and settings that show in base can be found in those linked article. When a site is updated to this version or later these feature will show in these new bundles and these bundles will be available by default.

If your site is strictly an AR portal (No product catalog and just history and the ability to pay invoices) the available features and settings are the settings below and those found here – Starter Customer Portal w/ CRM & Content Workspaces (ARP). If you have a product catalog the additional settings are found here – Product Catalog & Cart/Ordering in Customer Portal + Product Workspace. If any additional software bundles are in scope articles on these features are linked to from here – Optional Software Bundles Overview

For information on applying features and settings review – Features & Settings Basics

For information on setting up worker groups to apply workspace settings – Workers and Worker Groups Overview

For information on customer groups – Customer Groups

Application Settings

Since the new base package is for order passthrough only and does not include a sitefront no application settings are typically associated with base

Workspace Settings

Access Settings Workspace – Enabling this feature gives the worker access to the settings workspace. Information on workspaces is available here – Worker Portal Overview

Account and SKU Renumbering – This enables screens to assist with account and sku renumbering. More information on this process can be found here – Product and Customer Renumbering

Allow Access to ERP Driver Services? – This gives the worker access to see the status and be able stop and start ERP services. ERP services control the data flowing to and from the website.

Allow Impersonation of Other Workers? – Enabling this option gives the workers access to the impersonate link to be able to impersonate other workers in the worker portal. This is typically only used by admins who may help troubleshoot issues with other workers.

Allow Worker Login Adds and Edits – This allows the worker applied to to be able to set up and modify worker records.

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