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How To Access The CIMcloud application

You can follow this step-by-step process to access the CIMcloud application.

CIMcloud has 2 default domain names used on all customer websites. The domain mycimcloud.com is the ‘admin’ URL. Users with assigned Worker permissions can log in at this location to access the workspaces on their account.

Your mycimcloud.com URL is provided to you by your customer success manager. The full URL is your CIMcloud Application name.mycimcloud.com. For example,  https://abcstore.mycimcloud.com.

The domain used by your customer will be your hosted domain name.  For example, https://www.abcstore.com.

While your website build is in process and before the domain name is assigned to your CIMcloud site, you will access the website as one of your customers by using the domain cimproduction.com.  For example, https://abcstore.cimproduction.com.  The domain cimproduction.com is the pre-production live environment that allows you to view the website as your customers will see it  when they login.

Use the CIMcloud application name combined with cimproduction.com URL in the same manner as the mycimcloud.com domain name.  For example, https://abcstore.cimproduction.com.

To summarize, before the website goes live, Workers login using the mycimcloud.com domain and Contacts login using the cimproduction.com domain.

A Worker cannot log in on either the live domain or cimproduction.com domain URL. If a Worker attempts to log in on the cimproduction.com or live domain, the system will redirect the login to the mycimcloud.com domain based on the user type. 

After logging in, users will be placed on the correct landing page based on the user type assigned.

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