ISO Country Standards


This article reviews the ISO country standard used by CIMcloud and what needs to be done if your ERP is using a different standard.

ISO Standards

Most systems use one of two ISO 3166 series country codes:

ISO3 (iso3166 alpha-3 country code) – this is a three character alphabetic code like USA or CAN

ISO2 (iso3166 alpha-2 country code) – this is a two character alphabetic code like US or CA

The CIMcloud platform uses ISO3, the three character country code. If the ERP connected to CIMcloud uses ISO2 and if no updates are made to the standard ERP configurations, then the CIMcloud platform could force users to re-enter country selections for addresses already synced from the ERP to CIMcloud and could update addresses in the ERP with the different standard. If you are using ISO2 country codes and are integrating with CIMcloud you have the option of updating addresses in your ERP to the different standard (ISO3) or contracting for a small customization to the ERP integration to convert from ISO2 to ISO3 country codes when addresses sync from the ERP to CIMCloud and then converting back to ISO2 when importing address information into the ERP. If you need to do this conversion, enter a ticket into Extranet and someone will get with you on what is involved in this customization.

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