Service Levels


CIMcloud measures and charges for the amount of resources (including infrastructure, low-level software licensing, associated support labor, etc.) needed to run your instance of the CIMcloud platform and ERP sync using what we call “Service Levels”.  The service level is part of your monthly fee.

The Primary Driver (Transactions)

CIMcloud’s Service Level pricing model is stair-stepped based primarily on the quantity of online transactions you process through CIMcloud each month. Transactions include orders, pass-through orders, invoice payments, returns, and tickets / tasks.

The Small Business Edition is capped at 500 transactions per month (above 500 requires an upgrade to Standard Edition).  The Standard Edition includes 1,000 transactions per month and can scale up in 500 – 1,000 transaction (per month) increments.

Your starting Service Level, and it’s associated threshold limits, is included in your CIMcloud Quote. 

Other (Rare) Drivers Impacting Your Service Level

In addition to transaction threshold limits, the following may also require increasing the service level and/or adding speed optimization and performance tuning services:

  • Excessively large traffic counts
  • Excessively large volumes of data syncing between your ERP and CIMcloud
  • Excessively large record counts in customers, products, and pricing override tables
  • Excessively large SQL database file size
  • Excessively large file storage space

Service Level Pricing

Current pricing for Service Levels can be found online at

When Service Level thresholds are exceeded, a member of our Customer Success team will contact you to notify you of your new Service Level and its impact on your monthly fee.