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Website Data Exception Reporting & Monitoring


On each CIMcloud install there is a monitoring system to look for abnormal or failed conditions and either try to automatically fix the issue and/or notify users of the condition. For example this includes notifications of when an order fails to import successfully into the ERP.

This monitoring is for different conditions related to date. All live websites have server level monitoring and alerting for overall website health that is not covered in this article.

This system is referred to as either Website Monitoring system or DERP (Data Exception Reporting System)

The system has two main ways of letting users know of any issues. The first is by email notification and the second is by creating a ticket. The system has been updated recently to create one ticket per event type and will add task comments if additional issues of the same type occur while the ticket is open. The ticket will be automatically closed if the condition no loner exists and not customer task log entries have been created.

All set-up and configuration for this system is currently managed by CIMcloud with the exception of who is designated to get the monitor emails as noted below. If you have any questions please put in a extranet ticket and someone will be able to assist you.

Standard Monitors

The following are the standard monitors currently on most sites. There may be additional monitors for specific additional functionality for specific sites.

Website Orders Failed to Import to ERP – There are times when orders placed on the website give an error when trying to import into Sage. There are a variety of causes. If an order does fail the system will send out an email. If the failure is a common failure with known corrective actions the email will notify you of the specific error with the corrective actions. If it does not have the corrective action it will still notify you by email but will also create a ticket in the extranet. If the error is related to one with known actions it is up to your website administrator to process the corrective action. If you find you still need assistance then enter a ticket in the extranet. If the error is one that is not know, it is still recommended that you review the order and error in the worker portal (see Web Order Failures) as you may still be able to correct the issue and re-export the order.

Website Orders are Late Importing to ERP – This is an alert that orders are not getting pushed to the ERP in a timely manner. This may be due to ERP/internet issues or related to CIMcloud processes. This will both send an email notification as well as create a ticket.

Website Invoice Payments Failed to Import to ERP – Similar to Order failures but instead related to the invoice payments being pushed to the ERP as a cash receipt. As with order this may just be a notification email with known corrective action for you to follow or if one without documented corrective actions it will both notify you and create a ticket.

Website Invoice Payments Are late Importing to ERP – As with orders this is a notification and ticket that payments have not pushed to the ERP in a timely manner.

Emails Failed to Generate – this will create a ticket with notification that an email or emails are not generating properly

Datamove Failed to Run Properly – This will create a ticket in the system with notification that a backend process (datamove) is not running properly.

Signing up for Notification

By default notification emails for all monitors will go to anyone designated in Extranet (Using The CIMcloud Customer Portal (Extranet)). Contacts in the Extranet can be designated to receive ERP Monitor Emails. If you need different monitors to go to different users please enter a ticket with the information and that can be set up for you.

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