Migration of Custom Modifications


When migrating from a “Classic” version of the Website Pipeline or CIMcloud Platform to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform, you may have existing customizations that you would like to bring over.  This article provides an overview of the process for migrating your customizations to the latest version of the CIMcloud Platform.

Before You Start

Migrating your customizations to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform is a type of “Extra Work” that requires additional fees.  It is important to understand the costs and tradeoffs of customizing your CIMcloud application.

Process Steps

Step 1: Customization Inventory

  • The customization inventory is a no-charge, high level review that provides a list of customizations associated with your website.
  • You can request a customization inventory by submitting a task in Extranet.

Step 2: Customization Audit ($)

  • The customization audit is a deeper dive into your customizations to 1) confirm exactly what they do, 2) determine how they can be refactored to work with the new platform, and 3) plan & estimate the work involved in moving them over.  This is a technical planning engagement that requires a skilled technical resource to complete (typically a Solution Architect).  That resource will walk through each customization with you to help you determine whether or not you want it included in your scope / Statement of Work (SOW).
  • A customization audit is a billable consulting engagement with the CIM Pro Services Team
  • For more information, see Customization Audit & Consultation

Step 3: Customization Migration ($)

  • The custom work is completed, installed on the new platform, and tested / punch-listed with you, then further stabilization (as needed) is provided during the live roll-out.
  • This follows Part 1: Phases 2 through 5 of the standard Customization Process

Step 4: Long Term Customization Support ($)


Do I have to decide, before starting the migration, what customizations I would like to keep?

It is highly recommended that you decide on the customizations you would like to retain before you officially start Stage 1 of your migration project (see the Migration Process article for more details on stages/steps). The recommended best practice is to work with the CIM Pro Services group to complete the conversion of customizations during “Stage 0: Preparation” of the project. This allows you to shorten the overlap time (during Stage 1 and 2 of the migration project) that you have to manage two platforms (your existing classic platform + the newest CIMcloud platform). If you think we want to preview the new platform with a copy of your data in it, you can choose to get a “preview” version of the new platform during Stage 0. This is an optional extra step that requires additional fees. Contact us if you are interested.

Can my customizations be modified when they are moved over to the new platform?

Yes, part of the customization audit is working with a solution architect to determine how existing customizations should work on the new platform and if any refactoring is needed or desired.

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