CIMcloud Migration: Customization Audit


An important step in planning a migration to the latest version of the CIMcloud platform is understanding any customizations on your classic application and determining if and how those customizations need to be moved over to your new application on the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.  There are two resources available to assist you in this process:

  1. Customization Inventory
  2. Customization Audit

This article provides information on the Customization Audit.

What it is

A Customization Audit is a billable engagement with the CIM Pro Services Group that will produce the following deliverables:

  • A detailed audit of all customizations on your website
  • The intent / purpose of each customization 
  • A list of which customizations could potentially be replaced by standard functionality (and how)
  • Customer stakeholder call with a Solution Architect to review and validate the need for each customization
  • A detailed statement of work and estimate on the level of effort to migrate / re-implement any customizations identified by your team as still needed on the new CIMcloud platform

Why it’s important

It is typical for a website to change and grow as your business and ecommerce objectives change and grow.  Customizations can be tweaked/re-worked over the lifetime of a website, and it is not uncommon for a customization to no longer be needed or be abandoned as your internal teams and priorities change.  Our product development team is constantly working on improving and adding new features to the core platform, and it is not uncommon for a specific use case requiring a customization originally to now be achievable through a standard, core feature (sometimes with a slight change in your internal workflow).  A customization audit will provide you with details on your existing customizations along with consulting on if they are still required and the best way to implement them on the latest version of the CIMcloud platform.


How do I get a customization audit?

If you are interested in a customization audit, simply enter a task into our task and ticket system, Extranet.  Your task will be routed to the CIM Pro Services Group to provide next steps.

How much is a customization audit?

The CIM Pro Services Group can provide an estimate on the billable hours needed to complete the customization audit, as the time required for the audit is dependent on the complexity and age of your website.  Please enter a task in Extranet to receive an estimate for the audit.

What is the typical timeline for completing the audit?

This can be dependent on the current backlog of requests and the complexity and age of your existing website.  On average, a customization audit including the review call and completed SOW takes around 2 weeks.  A member of the CIM Pro Services Group can provide a timeline estimate specific to your website.

Why is the audit a billable engagement?

The Customization Audit is a consulting engagement that produces valuable deliverables on your migration project.  It requires a material amount of skilled labor to thoroughly audit, consult, and begin to plan the migration of needed customizations.  The audit is completed by the CIM Pro Services Group, whose product is their time as a professional services organization.

Is the estimate produced by the customization audit fixed?

The estimate produced by the Customization Audit is an estimated number of billable hours required to complete the documented statement of work.  It is derived by a technical team of skilled developers and consultants with deep domain knowledge of the CIMcloud platform.  The estimate is not a fixed cost quote, due to the nature, complexity, and moving pieces involved with a custom development project.  The CIM Pro Services Group will track and report on the hours used during the project for visibility and to mitigate the risk of scope creep.

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